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The City of Kingston Planning Board will accept public comments on the Kingstonian project until September 6, 2019 at 4:00 PM

If you are in favor of the Kingstonian project, please let the Planning Board know with a quick letter or email:

City Hall Planning Dept.
C/O Suzanne Cahill, Planning Director
420 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401

Phone: (845) 334-3955
Fax: (845) 334-3958

“The Kingstonian project will positively affect the community as a whole, inclusive of all working people. Nobody denies the concerns and issues brought forward; in fact, we agree that continued solutions are needed. However, The Kingstonian is a project that was derived from the City of Kingston in the form of a Request for Quotation (RFQ) to rebuild our much-needed public parking garage with no property or school tax increase to area residents. The solution to the City’s request is feasible and achievable as presented by The Kingstonian project. No project can solve every issue but this one will absolutely provide benefits for the entire community.

This project is not taking away existing housing; instead it is addressing important economic issues.  Most importantly, this garage and the residents and guests of this project will be critically important to existing small businesses success and survival in many cases.  These new consumers will become additional economic drivers for Kingston’s commercial tax base.

Kingston’s current housing demand outweighs the supply; thus, prices have risen. By adding more housing inventory, we will relieve that upward pressure. Home conversions to Airbnb’s are also driving up rents; the addition of hotel rooms will address that issue.  We are fully supportive of the needs of all residents of Kingston, including its immigrants. We and the other area businesses have exhibited that support over the years through numerous donations and tireless volunteer work with dozens of non-profit organizations aimed at improving the quality of life for all area residents. In order for all of us to continue this level of support we need to take the necessary steps to help our business districts thrive.

It is and has been our preference to meet in person with anyone who has concerns about the Kingstonian project, we are interested, and we care about all suggestions”, explained Joe Bonura and Brad Jordan.

Due to recent comments made during public meetings it seems some people have gotten the misconception that the School Board has not supported this project. This is simply not the case. We have had very productive meetings with the Superintendent, members of his Board and members of his staff. They have not taken any action or position on this project and we have not submitted any applications or resolutions asking them to do so. We absolutely remain optimistic about this projects ability to ultimately garner the support of both the City of Kingston and the Kingston Consolidated School District.


Additionally, while we acknowledge, understand and appreciate the passion of our many supporters, we ask that when advocating for the project you respect the positions of others and rise above any temptation to respond to comments you perceive to be offensive.

Welcome to

The Kingstonian

A Downtown Revitalization Initiative Project

JM Development Group LLC, in partnership with Herzog Supply Co., is planning to use a total of 2.5 acres of under-utilized land to build a $52 million mixed-use development project in the up-and-coming urban center of Uptown Kingston on the corner of Fair and North Front Streets. It will bring together retail and restaurant space, living space and a hotel. Also, in partnership with the City of Kingston, the project will address a dire lack of public parking that has emerged as an impediment to the area’s development.



The Kingstonian, a community anchor at the heart of the Historic Stockade District, will tie together disparate parts of the neighborhood with an open-air pedestrian plaza and create a community hub that will attract visitors and residents alike.It will bring together retail and restaurant space, living space and a hotel.

Features and Benefits

Uptown Hotel

With 32 Guest Rooms


131 Modern Units at Market-Rate

Parking Garage

With over 400 convenient spaces

Pedestrian Plaza

Open to the Public

Restaurant & Retail Space

8,000 Square Feet of Commercial Space



Once home to the historic Kingstonian Hotel, the original building is to be rebuilt and incorporated into the new development. Our goal is to keep as much of the historic character as we can into the future site.

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