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If you haven’t seen this Interview with Brad Jordan its a great way to get an UPDATE on the Kingstonian Project.

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Dear Valued Supporter of the Kingstonian Project, 

Thank you for your past and current advocacy for this important transformative project. Many of you have reached out asking how you can help.  Now is the time.  As most are aware, our PILOT initiative received support from the Kingston Common Council and Ulster County Legislature but failed 6-3 with the School Board (for reasons stated on our website).  The final decision rests with the Ulster County IDA.

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The overwhelming majority of elected officials voted in favor of the Kingstonian PILOT.  Projecting the economic well being of our community for today and tomorrow. Please download the flyer to get the comparison facts about the PILOT.

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We would like to recognize and thank the IDA for working to come up with a PILOT that highlighted the value we all place on education. While certainly not surprised by the actions of the School Board, we are nonetheless disappointed in the outcome and frustrated with the process. Based on a process where we were denied an opportunity to present the elements of the project to the entire Board, we are pleased to have only fallen 2 votes shy of passing and that is truly a testament to the recent work put in by the County Executive.

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Dear Kingston City School District Board of Education,

We are reaching out in an effort to gain your support for the Kingstonian PILOT.

The project has received the unanimous support of the City of Kingston Common Council, the Mayor, and the City Assessor. It also has been endorsed and supported by the Ulster County Legislature and the County Executive.

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Last Night, the Ulster County Legislature VOTED IN FAVOR of the Kingstonian PILOT 17-6. They voted in favor because they understood the value of the PILOT to our community.

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Kingstonian - Compare For Yourself

Compare for Yourself

Highlights Supporting the Kingstonian PILOT

Download the Flyer

Welcome to

The Kingstonian

A Downtown Revitalization Initiative Project

JM Development Group LLC, in partnership with Herzog Supply Co., is planning to use a total of 2.5 acres of under-utilized land to build a $52 million mixed-use development project in the up-and-coming urban center of Uptown Kingston on the corner of Fair and North Front Streets. It will bring together retail and restaurant space, living space and a hotel. Also, in partnership with the City of Kingston, the project will address a dire lack of public parking that has emerged as an impediment to the area’s development.



The Kingstonian, a community anchor at the heart of the Historic Stockade District, will tie together disparate parts of the neighborhood with an open-air pedestrian plaza and create a community hub that will attract visitors and residents alike.It will bring together retail and restaurant space, living space and a hotel.

Features and Benefits

Uptown Hotel

With 32 Guest Rooms


143 Modern Units

Parking Garage

With 420 convenient spaces

Pedestrian Plaza

Open to the Public

Restaurant & Retail Space

8,000 Square Feet of Commercial Space



Once home to the historic Kingstonian Hotel, the original building is to be rebuilt and incorporated into the new development. Our goal is to keep as much of the historic character as we can into the future site.

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