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Kingston City School District

Name Email Phone
James Shaughnessy, President jshaughnessy@kingstoncityschools.org 845-339-5262
Steven Spicer, Vice President sspicer@kingstoncityschools.org 845-340-1103
Cathy Collins, Trustee ccollins@kingstoncityschools.org
Herb Lamb, Trustee hlamb@kingstoncityschools.org 845-334-8844
Priscilla Lowe, Trustee plowe@kingstoncityschools.org 845-331-2298
Robin Jacobowitz, Trustee rjacobowitz@kingstoncityschools.org 917-566-6957
James Michael, Trustee jmichael@kingstoncityschools.org 845-389-4746
Suzanne Jordan, Trustee sjordan@kingstoncityschools.org 845-339-0002
Nora Scherer, Trustee nscherer@kingstoncityschools.org 845-339-3909
Paul J. Padalino, Superintendent of Schools ppadalino@kingstoncityschools.org 845-943-3000

Ulster County Legislature

Name Email Phone
David Donaldson, Chairman Chair@co.ulster.ny.us 845-340-3900
Victoria A. Fabella, Clerk vfab@co.ulster.ny.us 845-340-3900
Mary Wawro, District 1 Mary.Wawro@co.ulster.ny.us 845-246-1017
Al Bruno, District 2 Albert.Bruno@co.ulster.ny.us 845-399-7288
Dean Fabiano, District 3 Dean.Fabiano@co.ulster.ny.us 845-246-2067
Brian B. Cahill, District 4 Brian.Cahill@co.ulster.ny.us 845-336-5217
Abe Uchitelle, District 5 Abe.Uchitelle@co.ulster.ny.us 845-481-0041
Peter J. Criswell, District 7 Peter.Criswell@co.ulster.ny.us 845-481-3264
Laura Petit, District 8 Laura.Petit@co.ulster.ny.us 845-340-1293
Herbert Litts, III, District 9 HLitts3@aol.com 845-741-1997
Mary Beth Maio, District 10 MaryBeth.Maio@co.ulster.ny.us 845-546-7878
Thomas Corcoran, District 11 Thomas.Corcoran@co.ulster.ny.us 845-527-5139
Kevin A. Roberts, District 12 Kevin.Roberts@co.ulster.ny.us 845-566-7663
Kenneth J. Ronk, District Ken.Ronk@co.ulster.ny.us 845-728-3276
Craig Lopez, District 14 Craig.Lopez@co.ulster.ny.us 845-382-9664
John Gavaris, District 15 John.Gavaris@co.ulster.ny.us 914-388-3665
Tracey A. Bartels, District 16 Tracey.Bartels@co.ulster.ny.us 845-255-0804
James DeLaune, District 17 James.Delaune@co.ulster.ny.us 914-475-4342
Heidi Haynes, District 18 Heidi.Haynes@co.ulster.ny.us 845-224-1806
Manna Jo Greene, District 19 MannaJo.Greene@co.ulster.ny.us 845-687-9253
Eve Walter, District 20 Eve.Walter@co.ulster.ny.us 845-340-3900
Lynn Archer, District 21 Lynn.Archer@co.ulster.ny.us 845-626-7358
John R. Parete, District 22 John.Parete@co.ulster.ny.us 845-332-5438
Jonathan R. Heppner, District 23 LegislatorHeppner@gmail.com 845-594-3141

Kingston Common Council

Name Email Phone
Andrea Shaut, Alderwoman-At-Large commoncouncil@kingston-ny.gov 845-594-6120
Jeffrey Ventura Morrell, Alderman First Ward ward1@kingston-ny.gov 845-663-2665
Douglas Koop, Alderman Second Ward ward2@kingston-ny.gov 845-706-5053
Reynolds Scott-Childress, Alderman Third Ward -Majority Leader ward3@kingston-ny.gov 845-616-3687
Rita Worthington, Alderman Fourth Ward ward4@kingston-ny.gov 845-430-2819
Donald Tallerman, Alderman Fifth Ward ward5@kingston-ny.gov 845-475-2000
Tony Davis, Alderman Sixth Ward ward6@kingston-ny.gov 845-340-8461
Patrick O’Reilly, Alderman Seventh Ward ward7@kingston-ny.gov 845-339-0862
Steven Schabot, Alderman Eighth Ward ward8@kingston-ny.gov 845-338-5060
Michelle Hirsch, Alderman Ninth Ward ward9@kingston-ny.gov 845-746-3013
Steve Noble, Mayor mayor@kingston-ny.gov 845-334-3902


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