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Mayor Steven T. Noble     mayor@kingston-ny.gov


Alderman At-Large James L. Noble, Jr.  (845)331-4696 39 Roosevelt Avenue commoncouncil@kingston-ny.gov
First Ward Jeffrey Ventura Morell (845)663-2665   163 Main Street  ward1@kingston-ny.gov
Second Ward Douglas Koop  (845)706-5053 149 Main Street ward2@kingston-ny.gov
Third Ward  Majority Leader Reynolds Scott-Childress  (845)616-3687   2 Lounsbury Place  ward3@kingston-ny.gov
Fourth Ward  Rita Worthington (845)430-2819  83 Prospect Street ward4@kingston-ny.gov
Fifth Ward  William Carey   (845)339-1361 101 Hoffman Street ward5@kingston-ny.gov
Sixth Ward Tony Davis (845)340-8461   84 Emerick Street  ward6@kingston-ny.gov
Seventh Ward Patrick O’Reilly  (845)339-0862 322 Clifton Avenue ward7@kingston-ny.gov
Eighth Ward Steven Schabot  (845)338-5060 10 Presidents Place  ward8@kingston-ny.gov
Ninth Ward  Andrea Shaut   (914)466-8092  355 Hasbrouck Avenue   ward9@kingston-ny.gov

Alderman At-Large: James L. Noble, Jr.  (845)331-4696 39 Roosevelt Avenue  commoncouncil@kingston-ny.gov

First Ward: Jeffrey Ventura Morell (845)663-2665  163 Main Street ward1@kingston-ny.gov

Second Ward:  Douglas Koop  (845)706-5053 149 Main Street  ward2@kingston-ny.gov

Third Ward:  Majority Leader Reynolds Scott-Childress (845)616-3687  2 Lounsbury Place ward3@kingston-ny.gov

Fourth Ward:  Rita Worthington (845)430-2819  83 Prospect Street ward4@kingston-ny.gov

Fifth Ward:  William Carey  (845)339-1361 101 Hoffman Street  ward5@kingston-ny.gov

Sixth Ward:  Tony Davis (845)340-8461  84 Emerick Street ward6@kingston-ny.gov

Seventh Ward:  Patrick O’Reilly  (845)339-0862 322 Clifton Avenue  ward7@kingston-ny.gov

Eighth Ward:  Steven Schabot  (845)338-5060 10 Presidents Place  ward8@kingston-ny.gov

Ninth Ward:  Andrea Shaut  (914)466-8092 355 Hasbrouck Avenue  ward9@kingston-ny.gov

Not sure which ward you live in? Click to view the map.

School Board Members

Dr. Paul J. Padalino Superintendent of Schools   ppadalino@kingstoncityschools.org
Nora Scherer President nscherer@kingstoncityschools.org
Priscilla Lowe Vice President      plowe@kingstoncityschools.org
James Childs Sr. Trustee  jchilds@kingstoncityschools.org
Suzanne Jordan Trustee     sjordan@kingstoncityschools.org
Kathleen Collins Trustee   kcollins1@kingstoncityschools.org
Robin Jacobowitz Trustee  rjacobowitz@kingstoncityschools.org
James Shaughnessy Trustee  jshaughnessy@kingstoncityschools.org
James Michael Trustee  jmichael@kingstoncityschools.org
Steven Spicer Trustee  sspicer@kingstoncityschools.org

Dr. Paul J. Padalino, Superintendent of Schools    Email: ppadalino@kingstoncityschools.org

Nora Scherer, President     Email: nscherer@kingstoncityschools.org

Priscilla Lowe, Vice President     Email: plowe@kingstoncityschools.org

James Childs Sr., Trustee     Email: jchilds@kingstoncityschools.org

Suzanne Jordan, Trustee     Email: sjordan@kingstoncityschools.org

Kathleen Collins, Trustee    Email: kcollins1@kingstoncityschools.org

Robin Jacobowitz, Trustee     Email: rjacobowitz@kingstoncityschools.org

James Shaughnessy, Trustee     Email: jshaughnessy@kingstoncityschools.org

James Michael, Trustee     Email: jmichael@kingstoncityschools.org

Steven Spicer, Trustee    Email: sspicer@kingstoncityschools.org


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