In Response To The School Board Vote

We would like to recognize and thank the IDA for working to come up with a PILOT that highlighted the value we all place on education. While certainly not surprised by the actions of the School Board, we are nonetheless disappointed in the outcome and frustrated with the process. Based on a process where we were denied an opportunity to present the elements of the project to the entire Board, we are pleased to [...]

Important Facts For The School Board To Consider On The Kingstonian PILOT

Dear Kingston City School District Board of Education, We are reaching out in an effort to gain your support for the Kingstonian PILOT. The project has received the unanimous support of the City of Kingston Common Council, the Mayor, and the City Assessor.  It also has been endorsed and supported by the Ulster County Legislature and the County Executive. Unfortunately, the School Board has been prevented from receiving the full project presentation and there [...]

Ulster County Legislature VOTED IN FAVOR of the Kingstonian PILOT 17-6

Last Night, the Ulster County Legislature VOTED IN FAVOR of the Kingstonian PILOT 17-6. They voted in favor because they understood the value of the PILOT to our community. They understood that no-one is losing tax revenue, and no-one is paying more in taxes - IN FACT the opposite it true. The benefits the Kingstonian will be bringing to the community outweigh the PILOT. Unfortunately, because of the complexities of this particular PILOT and [...]

Ulster agency, in separate Kingstonian study, says project will benefit economy

Original Article  By William J. Kemble, correspondent October 21, 2020 KINGSTON, N.Y. – Ulster County Industrial Development Agency officials expect that $3 will be returned to the local economy for every $1 provided to Kingstonian developers in tax breaks and grants. The estimate was provided Wednesday in a cost-benefit analysis of the $54.9 million project released by the agency as part of the information given to the county Legislature, which is also reviewing a [...]


Kingstonian Developers, Brad Jordan and Joe Bonura provide a straightforward, upfront update about the project’s status on Kingston Community Radio on October 8, 2020. Hosts Scott Herrington and Guy Greco ask the questions necessary to bring clarity for the listeners about the project’s community benefits and the need for a PILOT. Also, an interesting insight into Joe Bonura’s family background. He explains how through the hard work of his family their business grew from [...]

Kingstonian Tax Benefits to The Community (A Must Read)

Possibly one of the most significant points of interest to Ulster County and the Kingston Consolidated School District (KCSD), is the long-term revenue gains that will be realized if the Kingstonian project is approved and built.  With a total net tax gain to Ulster County of nearly $66 Million and over $40 Million to the KCSD over a 50-year period, the Kingstonian provides an extraordinary tax revenue opportunity. Take a look at the attached [...]

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