Please download the flyer to get the comparison facts about the PILOT.

The overwhelming majority of elected officials voted in favor of the Kingstonian PILOT.  Projecting the economic well being of our community for today and tomorrow. 

Now is the time.  As most are aware, our PILOT initiative received support from the Kingston Common Council and Ulster County Legislature but failed 6-3 with the School Board (for reasons stated on our website).  The final decision rests with the Ulster County IDA.  We are requesting one last all-out push from the community urging the Ulster County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) to move this important project forward. Absent your support and an affirmative vote from the IDA, this project can not proceed.

This is why your action is so important now.  It is truly a now or never situation.  We need to show the IDA the same overwhelming support from the community that you have all helped show in the past.

We can not assume the IDA will approve this project without supporters taking action.  Please submit a personalized letter showing your support by clicking the button below.

Also – we need to show a strong level of support from the community so please share this link with everyone and anyone in the community willing to support the Kingstonian with a letter or phone call.

With Much Appreciation,
The Kingstonian Development Team