Last Night, the Ulster County Legislature VOTED IN FAVOR of the Kingstonian PILOT 17-6. They voted in favor because they understood the value of the PILOT to our community. They understood that no-one is losing tax revenue, and no-one is paying more in taxes – IN FACT the opposite it true. The benefits the Kingstonian will be bringing to the community outweigh the PILOT.

Unfortunately, because of the complexities of this particular PILOT and project, those opposed to it, are generally opposed to all PILOTS, most development, or simply believe that something is being taken from them due to opposition propaganda.

We thank the Ulster County Legislatures for taking the time to gain a deeper understanding of the Kingstonian PILOT and vote it through. We are hopeful that ALL School Board members can find the time to hear from the developers and gain a full understanding and the rationale for this unique PILOT request.