The Kingstonian Project needs your support!

On Wednesday, January 12, 2022 at 6:30 pm, there will be an important public hearing regarding the Partial Road Closure of Fair Street Extension, an important component of the success of the Kingstonian Project. It will be held only in person at the George Washington School located at 67 Wall Street, Kingston.

We are asking all concerned local stakeholders to attend and speak in favor of this proposal, in person. (Note: if you can not speak in person, you may submit your letter of support via email to:

Be Sure To Sign Up As soon as you can so You Get an Early Speaking Position

Signup by phone or email to:
City of Kingston Common Council
c/o Elisa Tinti, City Clerk
Phone: (845) 334-3915

Below are some talking points that will help you with your statement.

It’s always best if you add your own wording  – just keep in mind it is important to state that you are in favor of the Kingstonian Development Project and the partial street closure.

  • All of the benefits the Kingstonian will bring are at ZERO cost to the taxpayers. The community will receive a public parking garage, more tax revenue, affordable housing, public restrooms, new housing stock, over 300 new daily consumers to the uptown district, construction jobs, increased sales tax, tourism and ADA compliant pedestrian access to the business district.
  • The pedestrian plaza is one of the most valuable parts of the project. It creates a public gathering spot for area residents and visitors with entertainment space, meeting space, public restrooms and kiosks offering information on historic venues throughout the Hudson Valley.
  • The road will continue to be owned by the City of Kingston, but the Kingstonian will be responsible for all necessary maintenance and repairs moving forward. This includes paving, plowing, lighting, security, and repair and/or replacement of infrastructure and the components of the project. So, the city maintains ownership but all costs shift to the developers.
  • The developers are providing enormous benefits in return for the necessary road abandonment. Public parking, housing, public gathering space, jobs, sales tax, ADA compliant pedestrian access, tourism, hotel rooms etc.
  • The consequences of the road abandonment were included in the traffic study presented as well as in the City of Kingston’s own DRI uptown traffic study which specifically addresses Schwenk Drive. Both studies concluded the project impacts were minimal and easily mitigated.
  • The public plaza will contain a kiosk promoting historic sites in and around Kingston and the Hudson Valley
  • There will be storefronts inside the pedestrian plaza creating sales tax and employment
  • The abandonment is also necessary to construct the ADA compliant pedestrian bridge which economically links the uptown business district to Kingston Plaza and additional parking
  • Linking the 2 important business districts via the bridge is a proven economic benefit booster
  • The pedestrian plaza and ADA compliant bridge are part of the DRI grant and specifically included in how the DRI funds must be used
  • The bridge encourages walkability and pedestrian safety-2 things the project was asked to provide
  • As presented from the onset, the linking of both sides of the street is what makes the project most beneficial to the community and economically feasible to build. It allows the project to meet multiple goals outlined in advance by the City of Kingston and so much more—public parking, housing, employment, walkability, pedestrian safety, public restrooms, affordable housing, and public gathering space.

Public Hearing Details


George Washington School
67 Wall Street, Kingston NY

Wednesday, January 12, 2022
6:30PM – 9:30PM