The Community Benefits and It Doesn’t Cost Taxpayers Anything

If the Kingstonian PILOT passes and the project is built will my individual property or school taxes go up?

NO, if the PILOT passes and the project is constructed, no taxpayer in either the City of Kingston or the Kingston City School District will pay anything additional. In fact, the project actually provides taxpayer relief.

Why is the PILOT necessary?

The reason the PILOT is needed is to offset the costs associated with constructing, maintaining and operating the Public parking garage and financing it over a 25 year period. If the City of Kingston were to do this themselves it would increase the tax burden on residents by over $1 million per year. The dollar value of the public benefits outweighs the PILOT.

What do we get if the PILOT passes and the Kingstonian is built?

Replacement of the uptown Kingston Public parking garage, 129 market rate apartments, 14 affordable apartments, 30 hotel rooms, a public plaza/gathering space with public restrooms, 300+ new residents and hotel consumers generating millions of dollars of sales, occupancy and property tax revenue and an estimated 153 new jobs.

What happens if the PILOT does not get approved?

The project stops. Everything remains status quo, no new parking garage, no new housing, no public restrooms, no new jobs and no new sales and tax revenue.

The only downside is if the PILOT is turned down.

Show your support with a quick email or call to the KCSD School Board and the U.C. Legislature.

Kingston City School District

Name Email Phone
James Shaughnessy, President 845-339-5262
Steven Spicer, Vice President 845-340-1103
Cathy Collins, Trustee
Herb Lamb, Trustee 845-334-8844
Priscilla Lowe, Trustee 845-331-2298
Robin Jacobowitz, Trustee 917-566-6957
James Michael, Trustee 845-389-4746
Suzanne Jordan, Trustee 845-339-0002
Nora Scherer, Trustee 845-339-3909
Paul J. Padalino, Superintendent of Schools 845-943-3000

Ulster County Legislature

Name Email Phone
David Donaldson, Chairman 845-340-3900
Victoria A. Fabella, Clerk 845-340-3900
Mary Wawro, District 1 845-246-1017
Al Bruno, District 2 845-399-7288
Dean Fabiano, District 3 845-246-2067
Brian B. Cahill, District 4 845-336-5217
Abe Uchitelle, District 5 845-481-0041
Peter J. Criswell, District 7 845-481-3264
Laura Petit, District 8 845-340-1293
Herbert Litts, III, District 9 845-741-1997
Mary Beth Maio, District 10 845-546-7878
Thomas Corcoran, District 11 845-527-5139
Kevin A. Roberts, District 12 845-566-7663
Kenneth J. Ronk, District 845-728-3276
Craig Lopez, District 14 845-382-9664
John Gavaris, District 15 914-388-3665
Tracey A. Bartels, District 16 845-255-0804
James DeLaune, District 17 914-475-4342
Heidi Haynes, District 18 845-224-1806
Manna Jo Greene, District 19 845-687-9253
Eve Walter, District 20 845-340-3900
Lynn Archer, District 21 845-626-7358
John R. Parete, District 22 845-332-5438
Jonathan R. Heppner, District 23 845-594-3141